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Wine Cooler - DIY

Any one who makes their own wine quickly realizes the advantage of storing wine in a wine cooler.  They also realize they are fairly expensive. 

I mentioned that part of my delay in my 2012 Crush was due to remodeling, but out of that I got a 50+ bottle wine cooler for ~$250 and a little work.  It started with the old refrigerator.

Outside   &   Inside

Old refrig   Inside

The first step was to remove all the shelves (and clean it thoroughly).

I then got two J. K. Adams Wine Rack kits (12 bottle and 40 bottle), that fit together using octagonal dowels and then dowel connectors.

Wine Rack kits

They assembled into two parts a bottom and a top section that then filt togeteher.  The kits came with extra connectors which was nice.

First rows 

But now I neede to be able to control the temperature.  The standard refrigerator wants to keep the main compartment around 34 oF. That is too cold for wine storage, ideally around 54-56 oF.

Thus a temperature controller from Johnson Controls.  And proper placement of temperature probe.

JC Temp   Temp probe

Gives a well stocked wine cooler.

Stocked cooler

The freezer section is too cold for storing wine, but now functions as a mini-frig.  Great for water, cold drinks, and beer.

I gave a cost of ~$250, as this depends on what you actully purchase and from where.  Also it does give credit for the disposal cost of the old refrigerator.



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