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This site is to pass on what I am doing, and how you can do it too! Where possible I will place worthwhile references under the links heading.

Well 2020 has been an interestin time (in the "may you live in intersting times" way). First COVID-19 which cancelled many of our plans for this year, and then the California fires.  And no I amnot going to bring up politics.

I bottled most of my 2019 Syrah in mid-June and now in early October it might be ready for tsting.  I said most, because when I went for the bottles they did not have enough of the kind I wanted.  I still have 6+ gallons in a carboy.

For 2020 I have gone back to Brehm for a Carneros Chardannay, mostly because they were picked before most of fires and thus should not have any smoke taint.  When I was ready to get my grapes health issues in the family limited my options.  Finished secondary and now on a slight amount of oak.

2020 chardonnay on oak

The red wine is some of last years syrah.

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