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Storage Racks

Another thing a home winemaker needs is a way to store their wine while it is aging, and to store bottles for ready access, but not for today’s use (see Wine Cooler).  I had been storing some of my wine in stacked boxes, but this was a little flimsy to say the least.  I found a 120 Bottle Rustic Wood Wine Rack by G.E. Lumber on sale at Amazon for $75 with shipping ($55 without). 


It comes in a bottom and a half.

bottom Half of rack

And then fully assembled

Full Rack

And here it is in use.

120 Bottle storage

I put a curtain over it to keep the sum off the bottles.

But that meant I still needed a way to store backs (besides stacking them).  For best long term storage, the bottles should be on their side to keep the corks wet.

For that I am using an old book case.

Bookcase Storage


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