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2017 Primitivo/Zinfandle Blush

First the bad news:  Every year is not successful, and 2017 was one of those.  I actually do not like what I made.

September 2017

For 2017 I went back to Calwine Broker and started with about 100# of Primitivo/Zinfandle today from Petersen Vineyards in Knightsen, California. Picked them myself, it was very warm day (around 80 degrees (F) when I picked them between 7 am and 9 am).   Got them home and crushed and pressed ( looking to make a blush wine for the start) by 11:30 am.  Hopefully more to come, but since the temperature is well over 100 deg F, might wait till next weekend, or later.

The pH of was 3.45, the Specifc gravity was 1.105, the TA was about 9.

I added:

• AD356 — Opti-White - (15g)
• TAN250 — Tannin FT Blanc Soft - 3 g
• AD342 — Go-Ferm (10 g)
• DYW70. — Dry Wine Yeast - Syrah - (8g)

Part 2

On 10 September the first batch (blush) was down to 0.996  I racked it a large galss carboy (~6 gallons of wine).  I also added Vinifloa C?h35 for malolactic fermentation.

At 13:00 hours I went back to Petersen vineyards and got about 20 gallons (200 lbs) of crushed and destemmed Primitivo/Zinfandel.  The price was real close to what I paid to u-pick, without the work.  Also he does a better job crushing and destemming.  For easo of handling I got two sets of 10 gallons in 20 gallon containers.

When I got home I added about 4 grms of potaatium netabisulfate to each.  The pH was 3.54, the specific gravity was 1.105, and the TA was about 7.5.  I attribute the pH and TA difference to the skins of the grapes.

After letting it sit for about an hour I added to each:

(2) AD351 — Lallzyme EX (0.8 g)
(2) TAN220 — FT Rouge - 10 g
(1/2) AD355 — Opti-Red - (8 g)

Letting that sit for another two hours I added to each:

(2) DYW70 — Dry Wine Yeast - Syrah - (8g)
(2) AD342 — Go-Ferm (10 g)

17 September 2017, pressed the Primitivo and have two 6 gallon carboys to which I have added MLF bacteria.  I also racked the blush and added about 2 oz of medium toast American oak.

Part 3 - October 2017

The Primitivo Blush and Red are through primary and secondary, an now into settling and fining.

2017 Primitivo

On 30 September took a drive up to Sebastopol and picked up 15 gallons of cold pressed apple juice.  It was frozen instead of sulfating and pasteurizing.

2017 Apple Juice

On Sunday 1 October 2017 I put it into three 6 gallon carboys and added:

• 2.5 lbs sugar
• AD356 — Opti-White - (15g)
• TAN250 — Tannin FT Blanc Soft - 3 g
• AD342 — Go-Ferm (10 g)
• DYW52A — K1-V116 Wine Yeast - (8g)

Anticipate a 11% abv.

2017 Apple Juice Fermenting

On 14 October I racked them to 5 gallon carboys for settling and fining.

2017 Apple Juice settling

As to the third carboy, well is now applejack, more on that later (nothing went wrong, just wanted applejack).

December 2017

On 3 December 17 I racked the Primitivo Blush and Red and took them off the oak I added in October.  The pH for all three is about 3.55 and the TA is around 8.5.  They are tasting and looking good.

I also racked the cider off the remaining lees. and set it to age also.  Tasting fruity and looking fairly clear.

June 2018

The wines have been bottled as of the end of May.  Letting them rest for a couple of months.  Have 2 cases of White Primitivo/Zin, two case of Apple Wine, and four case of Primitivo/Zin.


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