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2016 Syrah

September 2016

2016 began on 9 September when I picked up 16 lugs (~576 lbs) of Syrah from Delta Packing in Lodi.  Brought it home in my truck.

2016 Syrah in truck


And then crushed and destemmed it into four (4) 20 gallon plastic fermenters.

The original readings were:

     SG: 1.10
    Calc Brix: 24
    TA: 9
    pH: 3.88

Completed crush about 14:00

Added • AD315 — Lallzyme EX (0.8 g)
          • AD355 — Opti-Red - (8 g)
Grapes already had a dose of metabisulfite so did not add them.

About 16:00

Added • TAN220 —Tannin FT Rouge (10g)
To 3 - 2 each • DYW70 — Dry Wine Yeast - Syrah - (8g)
To 1 - 3 each • DYW62 — Dry Wine Yeast - Bordeaux - (8g)
With each • AD343 — Go-Ferm (10 g)

October 2016

After crushing on 9 September and going into primary fermentation I had four (4) 20 gallon fermenters of must.  On 16 September added Viniflora CH16 to each 20 gallon fermenter.

On 19 September they were ready to press.

2016 Syrah ready to press

On to press

2016 Pressing

And then into Secondary fermenters, five six gallon carboys, and one 3 gallon carboy.   Added SO2 and tartaric acid to adjust.

On 2 October I racked the wine and readjusted with some more tartaric acid.

2016 syrah in secondary

Also added some medium toast oak cubes to each, about 2 oz each.  I plan to leave them on oak until early December then rack again for aging.

September 2017

2016 Lodi syrah Label

2016 I did a lot of Syrah (at least for me).  I got the Syrah from Delta Packing in Lodi, CA a Central Valley (Lodi gold). I bought approximately 576 lbs (16 36 lugs). Picked-up at 9:00 am 9 Sept 16 and had them crushed by 2:00 PM.  Had it bottled by June 2017, and served the first bottle about two weeks ago (25 August).  Still young but tasting pretty good.

In May 2018 I was awarded a Bronze medal for my 2016 Syrah at the 2018 Winemaker Conference in Saratoga, NY.  And in June a Silver Medal at the 2018 Alameda County Fair for the same wine!


MIke Albrecht, P.E.

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