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2015 Chardonnay

September 2015

Crush came early, but due to a wedding on Maui, I got a late start.  With very high temperatures, most grapes are coming in almost a month early.  And due to high temperatures I decided to not self pick this year.  On Saturday of Labor Day Weekend (5 September 2015) I got about 420 pounds of Chardonnay grapes from Delta Packing in Lodi.

2015 chardonnay ready for crush

Ended with two 20 gallon containers each about half full of must.  To Each I added

1 teaspoon potassium metabisulfite
• AD356 — Opti-White - (38g)
• TAN250 — Tannin FT Blanc Soft - 8 g
• AD342 — Go-Ferm (25 g)

To one I added: • DYW56. — Dry Wine Yeast - ICV-D47 - (20)

To the other: • DYW82 — Dry Wine Yeast-P-HST - (20g)

On 9 September to each I added: • AD345 — Fermaid K (16 g)
and to one I added: DYWM Viniflora Malolactic Bacteria (2.5 g) and to the other DYWM5 Dry Malolactic Bacteria - 31 (2.5 g)
All bought from MoreWine! in Concord.

After one week I racked to glass carboys (13 September 2015):

2015 in SecondaRY

After settling and fining, bottled in June, and is an excellent Chardonnay.


MIke Albrecht, P.E.

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