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This site is to pass on what I am doing in home winemaking, and how you can do it too! Where possible I will place worthwhile references under the links heading.

I enjoy making wine and getting recognition for it, so will continue

.ACF 2022 Awards

2022 is behind us and 2023 is here.  In April the wine and myself were ready for bottling.  After a careful look at my existing wine storage (pretty full of previous vintages -blasted COVID), I decide to only bottle 12 gallons or 2 carboys.  Got 5 cases at 13.9 ABV.  Took the other 2 carboys and distlled them and made brandy a month later.

2023 was a cool spring and summer so pick was late.  Went with Delta Packing agian and got 6 pails (6 gallons each) of Zinfandel juice.  Handling these similar to kits.  Juice had great color and aroma, so hoping for a good year.  Plan to bottle around 8 or 9 cases.  The rest (3 pails will go to brandy.

The last couple of years have been interesting in many respects, and 2022 looks to keep it going (especially with Covid and the Ukraine/Russia war).  I am truly learning the meaning of "may you live in interesting times".

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Please enjoy and let me know what you think of the site and especially if there is anything you would like me to cover.


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