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As I progrss I will add pictures of my efforts.


August 2013

Set up a crush pad with crusher/destemmer and basket press (new 2013).

Crush Pad 2013


9 Lugs of Chardonnay, 9 Lugs of Viognier, and 9 lugs of Pinot Gris (~1000 lbs (-))

2013 White Grapes


2013 White Grapes in Primary Fermentation

2013 White Grapes Primary Fermentation


June 2013


I have been storing some of my wine in stacked boxes, but this was a little flimzy to say the least.  I found a 120 Bottle Rustic Wood Wine Rack by G.E. Lumber on sale at Amazon for $75 with shipping ($55 without).  I ended up buying two, one for general storage and one for sparkling wine.

It comes in a top and a bottom half.


Bottom half of rack


Full rack


Here is my general stoage

120 bottle storage rack

I put a curtain over it to keep the sum off the bottles.

And for Sparkling wine

Sparkling wine


I checked and I can use it for starting riddling in the future.


November 2012

I mentioned that part of my delay was due to remodelling, but out of that I got a 50+ bottle wine cooler for ~$250 and a lot of work.  It started with the old refrigerator.

Old RefrigInside


Then by using a J. K. Adams Kit (12 bottle and 40 bottle)

J. K. Adams



And a temperature controller from Johnso Controls



I ended up with a wine cooler

Cooler Stocked


The freezer section is too cold for storaing wine, but now functions as a mini-frig.


October 2011

Petite Sirah Grapes

Petite Sirah Grapes


Petite Sirah Must

Petite Sirah Must

Petite Sirah Blanc Must

Petite Sirah Blanc Must

May 2011

Two Large strainers as a press

Strainer press


Pressing Zin

Pressing Zin

Pressed Zin

Zin in strainer


One of two pails from Brehm (empty now)

Brehm Pail


Zin in primary Fermenter

Zin in primary


Zin Cap

Zin Cap


January 2011


2011 Syrah & Shardonnay

2010 California Syrah in aging and 2010 California Chardonnay in Settling/Carifying


2010 syrah in 2nd Ferment

This is SDW with our first batch a 2010 California Syrah in 2nd Fermentation (26 December 2010).



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